Senior Pastor 主任牧師:

Rev. David Tam 談子明牧師

談子明牧師,先後畢業於香港建道神學院 (B. TH)、香港中國神學研究院 (M. DIV)、香港浸信會神學院 (M. PC),及後在加拿大緬省溫尼柏國語教會擔任主任牧職。 93年舉家回港奉孝及任職香港宣道會愛光堂主任牧職超過21年,於2014年五月份歸回加拿大事奉, 現為加拿大溫哥華列治文恩典宣道會主任牧師。


English Pastor 英文牧師:

Psator Eric.png

Pastor Eric Kua 

Eric is a devoted husband and a dad to two teenage boys who affectionately address him as ‘Pa-py’. In 2013, Eric moved from sunny Singapore to beautiful British Columbia with his family to pursue his studies. He has since graduated with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies in Regent College and is presently serving (very happily) as the English Congregation Pastor of Richmond Grace Alliance Church, Canada.

Eric graduated with a Bachelor in Theology from the Singapore Baptist Seminary, and served full-time Christian ministry in Singapore for more than a decade, including six years in Children Ministry in Acts Baptist Church (ABC) and five years as Youth pastor in Queenstown Baptist Church (QBC). His ministry in QBC also spanned over worship ministry, young adults ministry, and overseas missions. He has headed humanitarian works, bringing young people to North Thailand on a yearly basis under the ‘Love in Action’ initiative by the church. Eric has also been invited to speak at church services, youth conferences, camps and meetings in both Singapore and overseas in Pakistan, Nagaland (India), Thailand and Malaysia.

Since coming to Canada, Eric has learned to enjoy coffee. He constantly finds opportunity to share life and stories with people over a good cup of coffee and gooey cinnamon buns.

Part Time Pastor 部份時間傳道:

Pastor Fiona Wan 溫賴燕萍傳道

Pastor Fiona.jpg

Pastor Fiona出生於香港。1993年獲香港中華神學院神學學士,其後1997-2000修讀香港建道神學院道學碩士(主修宣教學),2020年獲加拿大克里威廉神學院道學碩士學位。2018年以海外留學生到溫哥華進修,隨後蒙神帶領於溫哥華遐逅夫婿Tommy。婚後於2021年9月加入列治文恩典宣道會擔任部分時間同工。

Fiona在香港有超過25年事奉經驗,曾任職於香港宣道會愛民堂、香港宣道差會教育及推展副主任、香港宣道會青衣堂、基督教門諾會信恩堂Field Coach Pastor,期間也兼任香港基督徒婦女網絡義務執行委員會委員、OnTrack Networks教練及ACTS堂會跟進統籌主任。


Fiona是一位有幹勁、充滿生命力和對牧養教導、領袖培訓、差傳宣教及教練事工懷著異象和熱忱的牧者。現為Geier Personality Factor Profile (GPFP) Level 1「性格評估」國際認證教練。近年曾擔任《這一路,你願意陪我一起走嗎》、《破冰船:與宣家同航》兩本書籍的編輯委員及責任編輯。